Antarctica Ships

All Antarctica ships we offer are relatively small with under 200 passengers and offer the chance to get off the ship for excursions when in destination, conditions permitting. The vessels are staffed with a team of naturalist who provide lectures on various Polar subjects and will be your guides in the zodiacs and on shore. All shore landings and zodiac cruises are included in the cabin cost. Some ships and voyages offer adventure options such as kayaking and camping which is an additional cost on most trips.

We arranged the Antarctica ships into three categories: Luxury, Premium and Expedition ships. The Luxury ships offer top notch accommodations and service with the most inclusions. In general, the Premium ships have upgraded accommodations with great amenities and good inclusions. The Expedition ships offer more basic accommodations (but still comfortable) and may have less inclusions.

Click on the ship photo to view the trips & rates, ship photos, cabin descriptions and deck plans. Our team sails on the ships all the time so we are happy to further discuss the differences between the ships, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each ship. Please give us a call at 800-920-4294 or +1-847-513-7944 to learn more and for help with finding the perfect ship for your trip!

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Antarctica Ships FAQs

What is the advantage of booking a small Antarctica cruise ship?

There is a regulation in Antarctica that only allows 100 passengers on shore at a time per ship. By booking a small ship it means you will have more time on shore. With a smaller group size you will also have less waiting time onboard and more personalized service.

Do all ships offer the chance to step foot on the 7th Continent?

While many landing sites are small islands just off the coast, all ships will try to get in at least one continental landing. However, this is dependent on the conditions and cannot be guaranteed in advance.

I want to kayak and camp, which ship is best for me?

Many ships offer adventure options which have limited spots and availability. Visit our Trip Search page and select your preferred adventure options under “Activities” to find a list of voyages.

Do all ships include meals?

Yes, every ship includes 3 daily meals when onboard.

Are all the ships icebreakers?

No, but all the ships we offer will have ice strengthened hulls and most are able to access similar locations on the northwest side of the Antarctic Peninsula.