Antarctica, our planet’s 7th Continent, is one of the most remote and pristine areas on our planet. It is 98% covered in ice, which on average is an incredible 7,000 feet thick. It is the highest, driest, windiest and coldest of the continents (but it’s not that cold in the summertime!). Antarctica is also the only continent without a real human population. Simply put, the scenery is absolutely spectacular. Glaciers flow in every direction and icebergs in all shapes and colors of blue are scattered along the coastline. The wildlife is abundant with millions of penguins nesting on shore, curious seals swimming alongside zodiacs and humpback whales that make their migration from South America to feed in the krill rich waters of the Southern Ocean. With almost 24 hours of daylight, landscapes and wildlife unlike anywhere else, Antarctica makes the perfect destination for an expedition cruise.

Below you will find more information on the Ships, Destinations & Trips and Activities that we offer. While we don’t think there is a “bad time” to visit Antarctica, we have also broke down the differences of the months of the season. Please get in touch with one of our Polar experts for more information and for assistance with finding the best trip for you!