Polar Cruises is a USA-based specialty booking agency focusing solely on trips to Antarctica and the Arctic. We offer small ship expedition voyages and land-based programs to some of the most pristine wilderness areas on our planet. Our team has been specializing in the Polar regions for the last decade and has been awarded top Polar Specialist by Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

With so many ships and so much information on the web, we understand it can be very difficult and time-consuming to narrow down a trip. While websites will show beautiful ship photos and videos, what they might not divulge is how much time you can expect to have on shore vs. waiting time onboard, the quality & experience of the expedition staff compared to other ships, how the different ships handle the swells in the Drake Passage and the best current promotions on all the ships. This is where we can jump in to talk through all the ins and outs of the destinations & ships to help you make the most informed decision.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get to know your specific interests and criteria for taking an Antarctic or Arctic trip and use our deep firsthand knowledge to match you with the best possible trip for you. We will do the research for you, so you don’t have to spend your time stressing while planning your bucket list trip.    

When booking your trip with Polar Cruises, you can be assured that an Epic Expedition Awaits!

Advantages of booking with Polar Cruises

We Are Polar Specialists

Our team travels to Antarctica and the Arctic on a regular basis, so not only do we have firsthand knowledge of the destinations, but we also understand the differences between the ships and how the programs are operated on each vessel.   

Unbiased Opinions

Because we do not own or operate the ships, we will not try to sell you on any specific trip. Instead, we will listen to your priorities and offer unbiased opinions to assist in finding the best trip for your specific needs.

Variety of trips & ships

As a specialty booking agency, we can offer you a variety of ships and not just a few. This avoids having to contact multiple companies for information on different ships.

Customer Service

We are a small company with very personalized service. We are not a call center and we will know who you are when you call. You will not be passed around between multiple contacts or get a new person each time you call.


We offer the same pricing and discounts as the ship operator, so there is no extra charge for our knowledge of all the ships & polar destinations.

We are not pushy salespeople

We understand a trip to the Polar regions is a big trip and we will offer you our time and patience to ensure you make the best decision at your preferred pace. We will not pressure you with sales tactics and bombard you with emails, phone calls & text messages to try to quickly “sell” you a trip to meet a monthly sales goal.

We specialize in both Polar regions

We find that many people want to cross the 7th Continent off their list but then they catch the “polar bug” and want to head north to experience the Arctic. No need to reach out to a different company, we are Antarctic and Arctic experts and can help with booking both trips for you.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder, Antarctic & Arctic Specialist, photographer


Co-founder, Adventure & Luxury Travel Expert