Co-founder, Adventure & Luxury Travel Expert

Travel became a driving force in Aaron’s life when he received his first passport at 13. After a transformative summer in Italy his passion burgeoned into ambition, and by age 16 he opened his first travel agency. This set the foundation for a lifetime of exploration (over 60 countries and counting) and inspired a career in the travel industry.

Aaron’s most recent Polar trip was a circumnavigation of Iceland – an epic experience with incredible scenery and wildlife.  One of the highlights included a visit to the remote Vigur Island which is a unique birding destination where you can get up close to puffins, black guillemots, eider ducks nesting Arctic terns. 

When Aaron is not abroad, he is sampling Chicago’s best food and wine, meditating, hiking, photography, spending time with family and friends and relaxing at home with his Pomeranian, Nelson. Aaron has also managed an international celebrity artist and DJ, giving him a unique perspective on the intersection of travel and entertainment.