Co-Founder, Antarctic & Arctic Specialist, photographer

Brandon has been specializing in the Polar regions since 2015 and has been awarded as a top Polar specialist by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. He grew up outside of Chicago and his love of the outdoors originates from childhood trips to the woods in Northern Wisconsin. He later developed a passion for travel and nature photography while exploring many national parks in North, Central and South America. In his free time he enjoys hiking & bird watching with his family, mountain biking and playing soccer. 

His first trip to Antarctica was in November 2015 and he has been fortunate to return many times since. Brandon has sailed and flew over the Drake Passage, crossed the Antarctic Circle, visited the largest black browed albatross colony in the world in the Falkland Islands, experienced the incredible wildlife & history on South Georgia and has taken many “polar plunges” into the Southern Ocean.

In the Arctic he has hiked the tundra and tracked down musk ox in the largest fjord system in the world in East Greenland (Scoresby Sund), photographed polar bears on the pack ice in Svalbard, experienced the colorful villages in West Greenland and seen the northern lights while sailing the rugged east coast of Baffin Island.

Brandon is extremely passionate about all things Polar and loves sharing his deep knowledge of Antarctica and the Arctic with new travelers to help with finding the perfect trip.