If you have ever had a window seat on a flight between North America and Europe you may have looked down mid-flight and noticed incredibly rugged mountain peaks alongside the second largest ice sheet in the world. The peaks you see from the plane are most likely on the east coast of Greenland and, if you think they are impressive from 35,000 feet, just imagine the experience gazing up at this pristine landscape from the deck of a small expedition ship or while hiking the tundra. East Greenland is epic and much more than a “flyover” territory.

But it’s not only the mountain peaks that are large in East Greenland. Scoresby Sund is the largest fjord system on our planet and Northeast Greenland National Park is the world’s largest national park. The waters are scattered with massive icebergs and glaciers flow for miles to the sea.

The sea around east coast of Greenland is heavily iced for much of the year. For a brief period from mid to late summer the ice breaks up allowing small expedition ships access into the incredibly scenic fjords.

Below are the top reasons why East Greenland is EPIC and should be on your bucket list.

Stunning Scenery and Photo Opportunities: East Greenland is remote, rugged and incredibly scenic

Brilliant Colors: amazing sunrises & sunsets, chances for northern lights (September voyages only), icebergs and wildflowers

Remote Tundra Hikes: Don’t expect to see anyone else except maybe a muskox or arctic hare

Rocks! Witness layers of some of the oldest rocks on planet earth with fascinating patterns & colors.

Experiencing the silence & reconnecting with nature

Access to East Greenland is mainly through Iceland. Some voyages may include charter flights between Reykjavik and Greenland where on some cruises you may embark the ship in Iceland and sail north.

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