Offered on select Greenland & Canadian Arctic voyages onboard the ship Ultramarine. The ground-breaking Tundra to Table experience offers guests a one-of-a-kind adventure into the culinary traditions of the Inuit in Greenland and Nunavut. Guests who participate in this on-ship Adventure Option will enjoy dishes from these Arctic regions prepared by Inuit chefs, and learn about local Inuit culture and culinary traditions.

At the heart of this experience, enjoyed in Ultramarine’s main restaurant, Balena, is the purity of the ingredients, such as seafood caught fresh from the Arctic waters, and free-roaming game that consume naturally organic grass and vegetation. Dishes will vary by trip but may include: beer-braised muskox served with Greenlandic mashed potatoes, mushroom sauce and berry jam; South Greenlandic lamb served with pommes Anna (layers of sliced potatoes), sweet turnip ragu, pickled angelica and wild gravy; honey-glazed ptarmigan served with turnip purée; and pickled halibut served with lumpfish dip and bread.

Culinary Experience details:

  • Guests will enjoy four courses of modern Inuit fusion-style cuisine during a dinner hosted by Inuit chefs, who will talk about the origins of the food and elements of Inuit cooking.
  • Guests will join two tables at the front of Balena restaurant on Ultramarine.
  • Participants will have a choice between meat or fish between two of four courses.
  • The dinner, featuring regional tableware, will include cultural storytelling.