Kayaking in the polar regions is a spectacular way to get active and take in the sights of these pristine wilderness areas close to the water. Participants may have the chance to paddle along side icebergs and take in the vast Arctic views. Being on the water with a small group and without an engine around, it is also an excellent chance to experience the silence of the Arctic. 

In most cases, Kayaking on our website refers to a full kayaking program with the chance to paddle multiple times throughout the voyage (conditions permitting). Typically the kayaking guide will hold a briefing prior to each paddle to explain the plan for the outing. At that point you will have the decision whether you want to kayak or go on the regular shore landing or zodiac cruise with the rest of the passengers. The price for the kayaking program is the same regardless of how many times you end up kayaking and kayaking spots cannot be shared amongst passengers.

Joining a full kayaking program does require previous kayaking experience. All kayaking gear is provided onboard the ship. Full Kayaking programs use true sea kayaks with spray skirts.

The Kayaking option on the Basecamp voyages aboard the ship Ortelius is a one-time kayaking (conditions permitting).