Camping involves spending one night on shore giving guests the opportunity to hear the calls of penguins, cracking of the ice and possibly even the blow of whales throughout the night. It is a chance to spend an extended period of time on shore and experience the landscape during twilight. But don’t expect to see stars, this far south in the summertime it usually does not get completely dark at night.

Campers will leave the ship after dinner and be back on the ship prior to breakfast as no food is allowed on shore. Bivy sacks, sleeping bags and sleeping pads are provided. It is recommended to dig a shallow hole in the snow to place your bivy sack for wind protection. To get the full Antarctic camping experience, tents are not recommended or used but may be available for special requests on some ships.

Camping is typically only offered in the first half of the season (Nov – Jan) when there is more snow around the landing sites.