The Falkland Islands are located about 350 miles northeast of Tierra del Fuego and 900 miles west of South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic. The islands make a fascinating stop to break up an otherwise very long sail between Ushuaia and South Georgia.  

With over 225 species of recorded birds the Falklands are a bucket list destination for many birders. It is a world renowned destination for penguins with 5 species that may be seen: king, gentoo, rockhopper, macaroni and magellanic. The islands hold 70% of the world population of black-browed albatross with Steeple Jason in West Falklands having the largest colony in the world. Cobb’s Wren and the Falklands Flightless Steamer Duck are 2 endemic species to the Falklands. 

There are many species of whales and dolphins that frequent the waters around the Falklands including Sei, Southern Right, Humpback, Minke and Sperm whales and Peale’s & Commerson’s dolphins. Southern Sea Lions, Elephant Seals and Fur Seals are the 3 breeding seals in the area.  

The Falklands will add a cultural element to your voyage as, unlike other destinations in the Southern Ocean, the Islands have a human population. Most voyages will include a stop in the capital village of Stanley where you may have the chance to visit the historic harbor, Dockyard Museum, local pubs and shops. 

The Falkland’s are mainly accessed via ship from Ushuaia. It takes about 1 day to sail from Ushuaia to the Falklands and around 2-3 days sailing from South Georgia.