Stand-up Paddleboarding, popularly known as SUPing, originated in Hawaii. It is only offered on select Antarctica voyages aboard the ships Ultramarine and World Explorer.

SUPing combines the immersive experience of kayaking but in a standing position. Participants, if they prefer, can kneel, sit or even lie down and stare up at the azure Antarctic sky. Because of their wide base and tail fins, SUP boards are quite stable, enabling participants – after a bit of practice – to stop staring at their feet and admire the surrounding scenery. Imagine seeing Gentoo penguins gliding below you, or making eye contact with a Weddell seal lying on a piece of ice as you paddle by.

Guests receive on-ship and on-water instruction from a qualified SUP guide. In addition, a safety driver (in a Zodiac) stays within range to offer assistance.

Duration: 1 to 1½ hours.
Guide to client ratio: 1 SUP guide and 1 Zodiac safety driver for 10 participants

Previous experience isn’t necessary but comfortability with water is an asset. SUP’ing adventures are offered in protected bays and channels during calm weather conditions.