South Georgia is a long, narrow sub-Antarctic Island with an incredible amount of wildlife, spectacular scenery, and a fascinating history. It is widely known as the wildlife mecca of the Southern Ocean. If you ever wanted to feel a part of a National Geographic documentary, then this is the place to go! 

The landscapes feature rugged mountains, glaciers flowing to the sea, deep fjords & bays, and low-lying grasslands. 

The island is home to massive king penguin colonies with hundreds of thousands of birds that can be seen all throughout the season. Macaroni, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins also breed here. Seabirds are abundant with 4 species of nesting albatross (wandering, black-browed, grey- headed and light-mantled). The wandering albatross has the largest wingspan of any flying bird. Southern elephant seals and fur seals may be seen in significant numbers on the beaches of South Georgia, depending on the time of season. 

Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to experience South Georgia’s rich history with a visit to Shackleton’s grave, the Grytviken Museum and abandoned whaling stations. If you’re lucky, your voyage may offer the opportunity to hike the last stretch of Shackleton’s epic crossing from Fortuna Bay to Stromness whaling station, but this cannot be guaranteed in advance. 

South Georgia is only accessible via ship as there are no airports.